Saudiete | For Social Impact
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Saudi Arabian Center for Education and Training is a non profit training center with the aim to provide education for individuals that have limited access to other opportunities and to develop and implement  programs with a social impact.


Saudiete is supported by the programs we implement, by companies and by individual donors.

Saudiete is a Saudi young high performance qualified team. We empower and mentor qualified local youth to deliver and implement programs up to international standards with a strong impact in the local community.


Beside our compact team, Saudiete has collaborators around all the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudiete has capacity to implement and control projects on ground with Saudi people in more than 10 cities in all the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What We Do

Project Management

Saudiete provides project management services which includes adaptation of the project methodology to the local context, recruitment of local resources, on boarding of beneficiaries, stakeholder relations and operations.


Saudiete provides hands-on training in order to develop sustainable productive social enterprises. We guide participants through the entire production cycle starting from pricing and market analysis to promotion and sales.

Social Investment Areas